1. Gordon

    Steam and founder packs.

    Hi! Everyone who has a founder pack will get a Steam key upon early access release. So you won't have to re-purchase anything.
  2. Gordon

    Upgrade founder packs

    Hi! All the founder packs are separate. Meaning it isn't possible to upgrade them.
  3. Gordon

    Client & Launcher download

    Hi! There is no need to download the game before we announce the dates of the upcoming playtest (which should be after PAX East). We announce them approximately a week in advance. For now please send me the email address you used to register on the site. If everything checks, you will be granted...
  4. Gordon

    Alfa testing?

    Hi! We will have news for you next week. Be sure to join our Discord and send me your email address to get access to the NDA channels. https://discord.gg/AyfWyUb
  5. Gordon

    I didn't get the email with the activation key on it.

    Hi! First be sure to check your spam folder. If it isn't there then please email Xsolla with a request to resend you your activation key. It will be attached to the receipt.
  6. Gordon

    How do I join?

    Hi! The servers are currently offline. We usually hold week long tests a couple of times a month. However there is no concrete date at the moment when a new test will launch. We announce dates about a week in advance. So I suggest you join our Discord and stay tuned for news...
  7. Gordon

    Founder levels and access

    Hi! There is no concrete date about upcoming tests. We announce them approximately a week in advance. We haven't decided on a monetization model at the moment. So whether we will be on Steam or not is up for debate.
  8. Gordon

    Can't connect profile to Twitch.

    Hi! We're aware of this issue. We will fix it as soon as we can
  9. Gordon

    Lot of questions =D

    As a matter of fact. They will be getting a massive update in the coming weeks. So your questions might get answered ;)
  10. Gordon

    Lot of questions =D

    Hi! Omg so many questions. Before I dive into them, have you checked our FAQ and Q&A forum threads? :unsure: They do have quite a few answers. https://forum.pzonline.com/en/forums/questions-answers.15/
  11. Gordon

    Cant download client

    Hi :) If you've successfully activated your code then please dm me your email address to get access to the NDA channels. Just so you know, the servers are currently offline. You can download the game through your PZ account. I highly recommend you join our Discord server, there are NDA channels...
  12. Gordon

    Beta Schedule?

    We announce the dates of upcoming playtests a week in advance
  13. Gordon

    Beta forum?

    We announce the dates of upcoming playtests a week in advance
  14. Gordon

    Information release on forum.

    Hi! Of course there is a Discord. We've also posted dates on our social media for the recent playtest (which ends on January 9th). Just download the client through your PZ account. https://discord.gg/AyfWyUb
  15. Gordon

    How long does it take before I get a Key?

    If you didn't get your receipt from Xsolla then please message them. Your beta key is attached to the receipt. If Xsolla doesn't resend you your key then DM me your email address

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