1. Amalie

    Patch Note 0.05.03

    Character and faction system Health is now restored automatically only when your character has Satiety effect; Voids now can no longer craft any items but Humanizer and Mutagen; Character reaction to the temperature changes has been reworked; Hunger, thirst and trauma accumulation systems...
  2. Amalie

    The start of Population Zero private weekend!

    Take your buddies and play together! Explore the wast savannah! Choose your faction and a unique progression system! Fight alien creatures and other players! All the features of the version are listed here. Private weekends are available for access cards owners.
  3. Amalie

    Perk system

    Population Zero is an MMO-survival game, where hundreds of players band together in guilds and factions, fighting for survival in PvE and PvP battles, building their homes from scratch and exploring an unfriendly alien world. Everything goes awry after their colonist ship mysteriously explodes...
  4. Amalie

    Character evolution

    Starting the series of articles about the game mechanics first of all we would like to share more information about the character evolution system. It will be nearly impossible to survive on the alien planet without exploring the world and obtaining new knowledge and skills. Character evolution...
  5. Amalie

    Science and technologies

    Colonists gain more useful information about the environment and expand their knowledge base while discovering the lands of Kepler. A character might obtain a perk, performing some actions, which increases the effectiveness of this specific action, whether it’s a craft, hunt, PVP or any other...
  6. Amalie


    The world of Kepler is full of different alien creatures. From the very beginning of your journey, you might encounter dangerous bloodthirsty monsters, stone giants and small creatures that can be both friendly allies and extremely hostile aggressors if you rub them the wrong way. Here are some...
  7. Amalie


    The harsh Kepler environment has taught colonists to adapt in many ways. Those who survived the crash didn’t have any technologies they had back on their ship, Artemis. One of the first goals is to build back what was lost using the resources the planet has to offer. To create basic equipment...
  8. Amalie


    Factions are one of the essential parts of Kepler’s lore. Each faction is going to have it’s own unique stats, leveling and crafting systems. Faction choice affects the plot movement and character’s development. There are three factions in Population Zero at the moment (more are coming)...
  9. Amalie

    New Population Zero alpha playtest

    Greetings, colonists! Another spaceship departs to Kepler this Friday to grant our colonists another day on the alien planet! Playtest schedule May 10th from 7:00am to 7:00pm UTC As usual, we will be sending out more invitations so make sure to apply for alpha. All current testers, as well...
  10. Amalie

    Kepler’s fashion guide

    Though Kepler is a habitable planet, it has a dozen ways to kill you during the first playhour. Environmental hazards as well as planet fauna’s passion to bite, scratch and beat — all this means you need to have some kind of defence. In Population Zero, there are two distinct protective methods...
  11. Amalie

    Sunday Population Zero playtest

    Hello, everyone! It’s time for another alpha playtest so we invite all testers to join us this Sunday on a journey to Kepler with 12 hours-long test session! Playtest schedule April 7th 03:00am EDT — 03:00pm EDT April 7th 09:00am CEST — 09:00pm CEST As usual, we will be sending out more...
  12. Amalie

    Longest Population Zero Alpha Test

    Courageous colonists, we have great news for you! We have received a lot of feedback from our testers regarding the duration of play sessions: players felt like they didn’t have enough time to enjoy the gameplay, try out different technologies, perks or build a house of their dreams. This time...
  13. Amalie

    Population Zero News: New biome, Quests, Combat System, Localization

    A new Population Zero alpha playtest will be held this upcoming weekend on March, 16th. As soon as the test is done, the game will introduce a new 05.03 update with new features including: New biome in test mode - Jungle Tutorial quests for building, combat system and character evolution Dozens...
  14. Amalie

    Population Zero Weekend Alpha Playtest

    Population Zero Alpha playtest is just around the corner! Every tester, “Commander” and “Sentinel” founder is eligible to participate on March 16th from 11:30am until 4pm (EST) and from 8pm until 00:00am. We took a big step from pre-alpha into alpha and introduced a new game build with new...
  15. Amalie

    Patch Notes 0.5.1

    The latest alpha game build is bringing significant changes and fixes to the game mechanics with a number of new features. Players are now able to choose a faction, complete quests and communicate with nearby colonists using the in-game chat. Local inhabitants of Kepler have undergone...
  16. Amalie

    Welcome to the official Population Zero forum

    This forum area is a great place to get the latest Population Zero news, meet other colonists, discuss the game, communicate with Population Zero team and much other stuff. If you want to participate in the Alpha test make sure to check this article. And if you have already purchased one of...
  17. Amalie

    Global Population Zero Alpha Test

    We are officially launching a new stage of testing for Population Zero which will lead into the closed beta-test later this year. On March 2nd at 12:00pm — 04:00pm (EST) and 08:00pm — 00:00am (EST) everyone, who has already participated in previous playtests as well as «Commander» and «Sentinel»...
  18. Amalie

    Patch Notes 0.04.02

    The last play session was very productive for everyone here at Enplex Games. We’ve been actively working on improving the stability, and making quality of life changes, as well as adding new features to the latest build. We want to thank the testers, who always take a part in our pre-alpha...

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