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Mar 11, 2019
The guild concept is very interesting, I do not know if you are inspired by "Rend" or not. it is a very interesting system but which breaks the mass pvp (if you are forced to play playing with strangers).
If you direct Population Zero towards a survival game style PvP rather in the style Conan exiles Rust and others it gives a lot more freedom for various ways of gameplay.

Important: The Perks system is an essential point that is currently missing for all survivals, if you are a big pvp player and you win on all the server, you just have the satisfaction to progress in the game but after the start on another server or the renewal of a server we start at zero with the feeling of having won nothing. This gives a goal to become better on a part knowing that we will have improvements (light of course not to become too much higher than new) thereafter.

The implementation of PvE with PvP is very exciting too. For summary: like the Dark Zone of "The Division" Dungeons of Conan Exiles (Instantiated but where the pvp is open too)

I give my point of view simply but for me are often the return of survivals, when I will have access to your game I can give more ideas etc..

good luck for the job !
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