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Feb 28, 2019

Though Kepler is a habitable planet, it has a dozen ways to kill you during the first playhour. Environmental hazards as well as planet fauna’s passion to bite, scratch and beat — all this means you need to have some kind of defence. In Population Zero, there are two distinct protective methods. Each has its own charm.

Not one but two!
The first one, we call Costume and the second one Armor both have different equipment slots. A costume is clothes (kind of) colonists wear on the naked body. It protects players from temperature changes or toxic gas. Moreover, the costume can increase your stamina and HP. On the contrary, an armor is a set of plates defending from physical damage: crushing, slashing or piercing.


Liquid outfit
We currently plan to have the colonists basic costume as their first line of defence. It can be upgraded later with pelts and ropes made out of plants. The first upgraded costume is easy to craft using shipwreck scraps, rootsticks and ropes. The more advanced you get, the harder the goals in front of you and the better costume you need to succeed. Skin and hide from Kepler’s animals are good ingredients for a firm costume but it’s not the only way of making one…

Costumes can also be made with liquid substances. Using a fireplace and other workbenches, colonists are able to craft different alien blends. Covering themselves with such liquids will protect a player from toxicity, cold or heat, sometimes increasing stamina or HP, and some can even decrease damage received.


Hard shell
It’ll be hard to dominate in PvP or hunt animals without good protective gear. Most of Kepler’s inhabitants are hard to kill because of their shells and armor, so hunting the most dangerous of them is a good tactic to get valuable resources. To craft their first armor, players will need merid’s carapace, and if you want the best material, you’ll need to fight sahrim. Sahrim’s hide is the most valuable resource for armor crafting, but it’s nearly impossible to kill it solo.

Upgrading the costume and the armor is essential for colonists, as they give an advantage during fights with alien creatures or each other. The need to fight for rare resources to craft high-level costumes might lead to frequent conflicts between players.
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