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Jan 24, 2020
Your project is excellent!

I have a lot of questions in mind = D

(Sorry for my english)

- Why the name "Popupulation Zero"?

- Who is the creator and how many people work on the game?

- Is Conan Exiles your first influence?

- Is it a unique card (Conan exiles), procedural? or an upgradeable card (Fortnite)?

- Compared to Conan / Ark, have you planned an identical number of objects? or less coherent?

- Do I have to create my own objects each time, or is there an automation system?

- Conan's slavery system is quite fun, do you have a similar type of mechanics? Or other?

- Is there a recycling or sales system (NPC trader)?

- Are there siege weapons? (Catapult ..)

- Is there an automatic defense system (watchtower, trebuchet), or with NPCs?

- Can our base be attacked by monsters / NPCs per wave? Patrols traveling on the map?

- Have you planned an animal reproduction system? (males and females, babies, adults ...)

- Will we be able to equip the animals and give them orders?

- Have you planned a weather system with consequences? Floods, volcano projecting a random fire on the map, earthquake, tornado, sandstorm, blizard?

- Have you planned a live / trailer with gameplay?

- During the first release in public Alpha, will you opt for a small regular update system (1 week ...) or a more spaced update (3 months ...)?

- Have you planned a public roadmap?


Staff member
Sep 4, 2019
As a matter of fact. They will be getting a massive update in the coming weeks. So your questions might get answered ;)

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