New member
Mar 23, 2020

I'm trying to activate my gleam offer key but my Malwarebytes browser addon is blocking the above link

" Website blocked due to reputation

Website blocked: account.pzonline.com
Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
We strongly recommend you do not continue.
What is reputation?

This website is suspected of being compromised or hosting a potential privacy or security threat."

Can you check your site/server and fix it please

Daigoji Gai

New member
Mar 25, 2020
It is a false flag. They aren't running anything malicious, just social media integrations, FB audiences for advertising and Yandex for analytics.
These tags are common for anyone (mom and pop to indie to large brands) that want to market their content. It is essentially flagging pixels that is non-malicious and they shouldn't have to remove it.

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