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Sep 28, 2019
Population Zero mutation ideas

since a lot of the alien-life seem to have arthropod/crustacean influence. I was thinking of various way changes, how the innate perks and mutations of the Xenobites could manifest themselves. Here are some of my ideas. Adding pictures to each, to serve as visual aid. (making sure proper credit is given to the artist)

Warning I haven't played the game, and don't understand what few videos there are of gameplay. So this is all just by looking at the art, and reading descriptions on the factions. These ideas may not have any place in this game, I’m just spit-balling ;)

Permanent Giant crab-claw: one of the arms becomes a giant crab-claw. The benefits being a high damage melee weapon, that he player is always equipped with. Maybe even allowing it to damage low Tier structures. The cons, it will prevent the player from using 2-handed weapons or tools...cuz you know..its a giant claw.

Courtesy of the artist over at Phoenix Point-the game

Chitin Growth Armor: As mentioned before about the aliens having a common theme from nature. I was thinking, what better way to exploit that then innate armor? For the Xenobites, instead of crafting armor, since they became inhuman. They could instead eat a certain food, that promotes Chitin growth. It would be some sort of alien protein, and it would save the Xenobite players storage space, because instead of storing lots of crafting components for armor. They instead eat the specified food item, and grow the armor on their skin naturally. Depending on the food item, it would produce light, heavy, or medium Chitin armor. The con being, maybe there’s a cooldown before the armor is fully grown on the player’s skin. They need to wait, otherwise they’ll be like a softshell crab-or a freshly molted spider.

From the artist (Tibi Neag)

Ranged animal symbiosis: As the name implies this ability would come from a small ranged-attack based creature, and its symbiotic/permanent attachment to a player’s body. The creature could be anything, the key is to have it small enough that it latches to the player’s arm. The creatures attack, would be ranged and likely be an acid it spits, or a sharp spine projectile that it shoots. This would be a permanent ranged weapon for the player. However in order to “reload” the creature's magazine. The player would need to (feed) it. Thus replenishing it’s ammo supply. Its damage wouldn't be spectacular, but it would be a ranged weapon the player always has.

From the artist (aspectusfuturus)

Hive-Spore/Cocoon upgrade: Unlocking this mutation/perk would allow the mutated player to create a new type of cocoon, that would have a lower respawn time. Most importantly it would allow that player to Share his cocoon with his teammates/clan. Allowing multiple people to spawn from the same node. Giving combat that sense of swarming is happening. The con being, it would take longer to activate once its placed. Could give it a sort of germinating animation, then full bloom when its ready.

clathrus archeri emerging.

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