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Feb 28, 2019
The last play session was very productive for everyone here at Enplex Games. We’ve been actively working on improving the stability, and making quality of life changes, as well as adding new features to the latest build.
We want to thank the testers, who always take a part in our pre-alpha sessions. It is essential for us to understand what our players really want at this current stage of development. Your observations and feedback is priceless for the team.
Here are the patch notes of version – 0.04.02. It will go live on January 25th. In this update the players will feel significant changes in map size, some mechanics. There are new resource spawns, building tiers, creatures and also changes to the existing objects and mechanics.
New Features

Durability feature deployment
Clothes, armor, and weapon will have durability scale now. This mechanic will add the atmosphere of survival to the life of our colonists. The players will have to take care of their equipment by fixing worn out equipment with a special Repair Kit, you’ll find it’s recipe under crafting menu.There are several types of Kits depending on the type of an item you want to get restored. It’s highly important to stock up a sufficient amount of Repair Kits before leaving for long and dangerous journey.

New health regeneration mechanic
Until 0.04.02 the only way to restore health was food and consumables. New mechanic adds health regeneration. Regeneration begins some time later after the character takes damage. The mechanic will see more improvements in the future.

New building tier added
Now players will be able to build improved constructions, which have several times better durability than the previous tier. Your loot will now be much safer! Building second tier will require more resources but the payoff is worth it.

New alien creature – Kso
Kso is a peaceful alien being. It is quite big and has something resembling wings on it’s back. Kso herds are often accompanied by Sahrim, which serves as their protector. Kso will avoid confronting players – once the creature takes damage it will attempt to run away. The loot from this alien is standard in the current patch: meat and skin.

Game map
The UI has been updated with Savanna area map. Now every player will be able to access the map via ‘M’ button. It will help them navigate the planet, as well as use map markers to remember where your house is, or where to find important resources.


There will be more resources on Kepler’s surface than ever before
Especially it refers to basic resources. Players will not have to spend a couple of minutes running across the Savannah in search of branches or rocks. All essential items can be found on the surface of biome in great numbers.

Character movement mechanics has been improved
Character movement became smoother, more natural and comfortable. Now players will experience a better connection with character movement, which allows to achieve a better control over character and get greater enjoyment of the gaming process.

Gaming zone has been expanded
The area of Savannah biome was greatly expanded. Players will be able to discover new uncharted corners of the first Kepler’s location and enjoy its unique and natural beauty. It’s getting easy to get lost while playing with friends.

Environment loading principle has been changed
We fixed technical issues, which were caused by great amount of information loading for your character. Now the information loads gradually, that allows to avoid uploads and freezes during the game.

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