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May 11, 2019
I'd like a little more practice at playing the game. My schedule has limited the amount of play sessions I've been able to participate in and the amount of time I get to spend playing them. I spend a lot of my time, each time, getting used to the interface, controls, and such again. I've not even gotten to the point of building anything in the world aside from a camp fire. I don't know how many are in my situation (where we simply can't make every test or can only make it to the start or tail end of them). But I would imagine I am not the only one.

If there were some sort of stand alone/solo/sandbox mode where any player could log in and access an instanced version of the game in which they are the only player in that instance. They could mess around with figuring out how the game works and get some practice in. I think that would go a long way towards improving the online play session experience for both players and developers because:

1) Players can use the mode to try and replicate bugs in order to improve their bug reporting.

2) Players can send logs of their stand alone play sessions in for contrasting the individual experience vs. the experience under load when multiple players are on.

3) Familiarity with the game, coming from more frequent and as long as they like interaction with the world will make it more likely that they will move through content faster with the live tests and find problems that were previously undocumented faster.

4) Players in my situation won't feel as if they are spinning their wheels in the mud and just rehashing everything they've already done.

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